Our Staff

Rev. Kemp Jones

Senior Pastor 

715-675-1997 ext. 306 


Dr. Kartika Putri

Minister of Worship & Music 

715-675-1997 ext. 303


Angie Huckbody

Parish Administrator 

715-675-1997 ext. 301 


Bonnie Krubsack

Parish / Financial Secretary 

715-675-1997 ext. 302 


Barb Denfeld and Mary Omernik

Parish Nurses 

715-675-1997 ext. 301


Our General Contact Info

930 Edgewood Road 

Wausau, WI 54403     



Wedding / Funeral

Marriage is rooted in a couple’s love for God and for each other.    Christian marriage begins with a wedding ceremony where Christ is at the center. We’ll help you make this a very special day.    

Funerals are times to grieve our loss, celebrate life, and cling to the hope of the Resurrection.      

We will walk with you in this journey of grief.  We will help you plan and implement a funeral or memorial service to honor the memory of your loved one and celebrate the hope of the resurrection.     

To schedule a funeral, call the Good Shepherd office at 715-675-1997.