Outreach ministries

Pastor's Fund

Week in and week out, we have been blessed to be a lifeline to many in the way that we provided funds for their immediate needs, such as heating bill, that last rent payment before eviction, food, or gas. You name it, we've heard it. This fund comes solely from our congregation's and our generous giving.  

Social Concerns Committee

As a congregation, we partner with local organizations and participate in various events that serve our community, such as Community Dinner, Neighbor's Place, Open Door, Warming Center,  Women's Community, and U(ke) Matter.

Noisy Offering

Noisy offering offers an opportunity for worshippers to give to missions and organization outside of our church. The money that we collect from this is given goes directly to helping  others. 

At this time in worship, our young ushers carry the little offering jars throughout the congregation to collect our loose coins. As we put the coins in the bucket, it makes a clanging noise and that is why it is called the “Noisy Offering.” 

Mission trips

Each year Good Shepherd adults and youth have the opportunity to participate in a life changing experience, such as Mission Work Camp and the National Youth Gather that promises to deepen and challenge one's faith journey.

Song Circles

As an extension to our music ministry, we partner with assisted living facilities and social justice organizations in leading sing-alongs in our community. We regularly facilitate song circles both in our church property and public places, such as Rib Mountain, inviting anyone we come across. 

Music has a great power in bringing people together. With so many forces in this world acting to drive wedges between people, we strive to preserve those things that help us experience our common humanity.


As God's disciple, you, too, are invited to make a difference in the world, one neighbor at a time.